This is Ragecore

by Nervous Aggression

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AJ - Vocals
Alex - Guitar and Bass / Backing Vocals
Blake Drums

(Billy Wolfe recorded Bass on No Justice No Peace)


released September 14, 2016

Recorded at Razorblade Recordings
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by John Stoecker

All songs written by Nervous Aggression
All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


Nervous Aggression East Liverpool, Ohio

AJ - Vocals

Alex (Roach) - Guitar / Vocals

Handsome William - Bass

Blake - Drums

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Track Name: Attack
Attack Iraq
Carpet bomb the muslim world
Control their voice
Divide and conquer populace
Attack their land
Resource drugs one policy
Destroy their voice
Leave them blinded with no choice

Spoonfed bullshit from the throne of snakes and eyes
Congressional tar pits makes us sink in their lies
Turning on each other is the media's agenda
But the real won't be silent
And we will never surrender

Riot riot
we are defiant
Fight it fight it
never be compliant
Riot riot
take down goliath
Fight it fight it
Strive to be enlightened
Track Name: Heroin is Ugly
Cant stand the way you sit there
Mind made Up to never go nowhere
Your life is fucked, you never change
How can you have heart when you don't feel pain?
Lay in bed all day looking sickly
You don't have the time to ever think
Wellness checks become your routine
Guess you never knew that heroin is ugly

Only friends are people you stole from
And you used to be the life of the party
Don't try to lie to me, and don't just play dumb
I know you as well as you used to know me
Ill always love you, and that'll never change
You'll always be my friend, we got history
Now youre sleeping through your all best days
I just wish that you knew that heroin is ugly

I want my fucking friends back